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The real casts of POSER by MAXINEJIJI soon on TV5. Chanel Morales as Jammy Ocampo, Akihiro Blanco as Brix Torres, Sam Rodriguez as Angel Gonzales.
Wattpad Story turned into Published Books and now turning into TV Series. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE AUTHOR AND TO THE CAST MEMBERS AND ALSO TO ALL THE JIJIEROS & JIJIERAS OUT THERE. I’am super Proud Jijiera ^___^ #Poser #Maxinejiji #WattpadStory #LifeIsBeautiful #CertifiedJijieras

Hi @yengconstantino @YengPLUGGEDin This is sooo awesome. Grabe ang ganda ng video and the song. Parang ang sarap sarap mainlove ^___^ Im so happy for you Yeng Mylabs. May the Lord bless and guide your relationship all through out ;) Ilang beses ko tong pinanood at pinakinggan. Nakakaiyak at nakakainlove grabe. Punong puno ng emotions. At ang ganda at sexy mo dito ^____^ #Fangirling #Yengster here ;)

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