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Wahahahaha. Laptrep ako dito e. Woy hindi eto ang trademark pose ko mga siraulo haha. Poker Face kaya yon. Haha. Thanks dito sabog tawa ko e. Hahaha. I miiiiiiss youuuuuu boooooth. Stay pretty ^^,)

It’s been 5 months since we saw each other, and now we only have 3 days left to wait to see each other again. Daaaang!! Im so so sooooo excited. Wahahaha. Finally, we could change our group picture in our chat home and finally, we will have a new picture to use every Bingoys day. Bwahahaha. XD IM SO INLOVE WITH YOU GUYS. FxckYak haha. —,) #ThrowbackThursday #Bingoys #Bromance

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